about us


Yoga for me is a healing experience. My practice began on the mat with the postures and has gradually become so much more.

I have found an inner strength and sense of peace which I use to navigate me through my own life, especially when times get tough.

Yoga has improved my overall lifestyle, bringing my mind and body together as one, cultivating an awareness and gaining a deeper understanding of myself.

I decided to take my teacher training in India where yoga originates. It was the most profound experience of my life.
I spent 4 weeks truly embodying the lifestyle of a yogi, early morning yoga asana practice followed by meditation in complete stillness, tapping into my inner experience.

My time in India deepened my knowledge of yoga, I learnt to listen to myself without judgement and know that joy is our true nature.

By Incorporating ancient traditions and learning to truly live the practice everyday on and off the mat, this has given me the voice to teach others and nothing brings me more happiness than to help others the way I know yoga has helped me in my own life.